Bach Cello Prelude BWV 1007 on Electric Guitar

Here is a rendition on Electric Guitar of a famous piece of J.S. Bach, the Prelude from the Cello Suite BWV 1007.

Jan 23, 2011
Nikesh Dwa Plays Crystallography

Nikesh is a friend of mine from Nepal. He has learned my etude "Crystallography" (whose tab you can have too if you subscribe to my newsletter) and made a video out of that. Enjoy! (Click the title of this post to see the video)

Jan 02, 2011
A Pet Peeve of Mine on Teaching

Everybody has his own pet peeves. I have one on teaching guitar that I want to share with you, because it can save you a lot of time and effort. Here it is: I think that if you know more than two scale patterns and you have never improvised on them, you are losing your time. The BEST way to learn a scale pattern is not to play it up&down for hours and hours and hours. The best way is to improvise using this scale with an appropriate backing track. This way you are going to learn how the scale sounds, how to make actual music with it, and when you can use it or not.

Consider that most of the most famous guitar solos have been played on the same scale (minor pentatonic) and you will realize that it's better to know a few scales in depth rather than 200 patterns that you never improvised with. Of course, if you want to know 200 patterns in depth, that's even better :-)

My advice? If you are self-taught, every time you want to learn a new scale pattern, make it a point to improvise with it as soon as possible. As usual a good teacher can help you doing that. On the other hand, if you do have a teacher and he's making you learn pattern over pattern and never makes you improvise on them... well, ditch him and find a GOOD teacher.

Jun 29, 2010
Distortion pedal competition: Winner announced!

The competition for the AMT DT-2 distortion pedal has finally come to an end! It wasn't an easy choice due to the number and quality of submissions. And the winner is... Christian Artieda from Marietta, GA (USA). Contacted by us, Christian commented: "I'd like to thank Tommaso Zillio for giving life to this contest, which gave me motivation to practice and get a little bit better. One never should stop learning, so practice, practice, practice :D". Christian has already received his pedal. Thanks go to AMT electronics who offered the prize for this contest.

I would like also to announce the two honourable mentions for this contest:

  • Prashant Manandhar from Kathmandu, Nepal, and
  • Alexander Dudin from Edmonton, AB (Canada).

To all participants, congratulation on learning Crystallography! it's not an easy song to play, and the fact that you all learned and recorded it shows how dedicated you are. All of you have the potentiality to become great guitar players. Keep practicing, and one day we'll meet on stage!

May 15, 2010
Win a Distortion Pedal!

For all you rockers out there in search of the perfect sound that makes your axe growl, here is the chance for you! Enter the competition that I am hosting to win an AMT DT-2 distortion pedal. Read here all the details

EDIT: this competition has ended May 9th, 2010.

Jan 31, 2010
Help Me To Help You!

Lately I have thought a lot about writing an instructional book or shooting an instructional video. One question, though, has been nagging me: am I doing something useful or not? See,  I have many ideas about the topic and format of the instructional, but I have no idea what YOU guys are interested in. I have seen people spending months in writing "The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Guitar Playing" just to discover that nobody was actually interested in it. I want to create something that can actually helps and interests you. So, here is you occasion to make a difference! I have prepared an online questionnaire that will take you less than 1 minute to fill. Your opinion is important to me! If you have just 1 minute to spare, please help me in helping you! Thanks!!

Dec 29, 2009
A Free Video Lesson From My Mentor

My teacher and mentor Tom Hess recently released this short lesson on soloing. I found it so helpful and so packed with useful info that I couldn't but post it here. A note for all my students: when I say "a good vibrato" THIS is what I mean. Tom has one of the most amazing vibratos EVER.

Nov 03, 2009
HessFest USA 2009

I just came back from Chicago, IL where I attended this year's HessFest, the annual meeting that my mentor Tom Hess organizes for all his students. To say that I was floored by the event is an understatement. Tom treated us with his masterclasses and seminars, and he also managed to have George Bellas to give us a lecture (that turned quickly in a 4.5h resume' of ALL music theory). (if you do not know who George Bellas is, have a search on YouTube. Sit down before you watch). I had the occasion of jamming with some of the best musicians on the planet and exchange ideas with a heap of brilliant minds. If you want to have a pale idea of what this event is, Tom has a page on his website dedicated to this, with some photos and videos. Have fun!

Sep 16, 2009
Rocky Horror Show a Success!!

Thanks to all of you who came to see the Rocky Horror Show in Edmonton and sorry for all the ones who could not enter... because we sold out ALL the nights we performed!! Yay!! The public was incredible, the cast amazing and we all had a good time.

Aug 30, 2009
Live Show in Edmonton

For all of you living in Edmonton: the entertainment company Vi! Va! Voom!!! and their musical director Bruce Shaw recently asked me to join forces with them for their next show. We'll be performing the mythical Rocky Horror Show at the NEW CITY SUBURBS, 10081 Jasper Ave, every night from Aug 16th to Aug 23rd included, starting at 7:30 pm. If you live in Edmonton you definitely do not want to miss this occasion to see the Rocky Horror performed live!!

Jul 21, 2009
Under the Same Sky Compilation CD

It's finally arrived! The compilation CD Under the Same Sky has finally been manufactured and shipped! check out the CD's website where more free music waits only for you.

May 26, 2009
Shred Academy Interview

I've been interviewed by Shred Academy, one of the major websites about guitar on the whole world wide web! You can find the whole interview at the Shred Academy blog.

May 17, 2009