What the Pros are Saying

"Listening to Tommaso Zillio's music is like a going on a sonic guitar odyssey. The textural changes are so unique that it's hard to believe a guitar player single-handedly composed all of this music! From cool glassy moods to progressive metal rhythms to melodic harmonized solos to thought provoking imagery. Zillio's guitar playing and compositions are a fresh approach to guitar music and worth keeping a close eye (and ear) on". Tom Hess, virtuoso guitarist and professional teacher.

"Tommaso Zillio has my utmost respect as a musician, teacher and all around great human being. Tommaso has lots of great stuff going on now and he will be a force to be reckoned in the months and years to come." Nick Layton, professional guitarist and teacher.

"I have two key words to describe Tommaso Zillio. Upstanding Pro! I am glad to have some personal experience working with Tommaso. He is an educated musician and if he says something you can count on it!" Randy Johnson, professional guitarist.

"Tommaso's guitar playing is the perfect balance of passion, melody and technical execution. On top of that he's also a really cool guy to hang out with and one of the most intelligent people I know. He really has it all!" Paul Tauterouff, professional guitar teacher.

"It’s uncommon to find a person like Tommaso Zillio who is a brilliant teacher with proficient skills of communication and a selfless desire for promoting the students’ growth. He knows how to see the right direction and he is able to decide quickly the specific action steps to take. He is definitely gifted with empathy, the essence of being the RIGHT teacher. " Daniel Krey, professional guitarist.

"Tommaso is a highly dedicated and passionate individual who's unique approach to teaching will see him go far in his field. I have had the pleasure of talking many times with Tommaso about teaching related matters and he has never failed to inspire and enlighten. Tommaso is also a shrewd businessman and and an awesome guitar player. A real pro in every way!" Jonathan Vipond, professional guitar teacher.

"Tommaso Zilliio is an incredibly gifted guitarist and musician who tirelessly strives to be the best musician he can be. His never ending thirst for knowledge and self-improvement has made him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Tommaso's flame shows no sign of burning out any time soon."
Johnny Ryan, professional musician.